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As it was mentioned above United Construction passed many obstacles and hindrances. From many of the burdens in 2000 E.C fiscal year or 2008/9 G.C the company forced to take loan of 60,000 EBR. For start up the awarded project due to the deficit encountered the company. This was happened in the way of activities but it was known that the company’s total initial capital was EBR 1.5 million (In 1995 E.C or 2003 G.C). Passing those all hardships bravely, the company currently reached its total investment capital 59,999,374.00 (In 2007 E.C or 2015/6 G.C) owned a vision of providing quality construction works and other intervention services. The financial achievements are directly related with the succession registered in all interventions the company engaged on. For better clarification it possible to see below in the table illustrated.

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United construction has won Beza Africa Convention and Training center  

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